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Climate Adaptation is the major step in coping and developing resiliency to the effects of the changing climate.

It is planning ahead and creating practical solutions to meet the challenges of climate impacts. It involves managing risks from a possible catastrophe of small or cataclysmic magnitude. 

Climate Adaptation aims to protect communities, its lifestyle, livelihood, and economic resilience before, during and after events that climate change would bring.

Who should be involved in Climate Adaptation?

Climate Adaptation is a corporate and cooperative endeavour, a shared responsibility of all sectors of the community:

  • government and private institutions
  • public and private sectors
  • businesses and families

Based on the global need for climate change adaptation, we have put together a Climate Adaptation Platform, which aims to address the challenges of climate adaptation particularly in Asia and the Pacific.

These are the two predominately developing regions that have been identified to be at highest risk of the extreme impacts of climate change. 

Inframanage.com is the primary convenor of the Climate Adaption Platform, providing the infrastructure asset management and the online marketing resources, assisting with the dissemination of research and case studies flowing from the Platform work. 

What are the objectives of the Climate Adaptation Platform site?

Inframanage.com has created the “Climate Adaptation” portal to:

  • publish Climate Adaptation researches
  • post articles and links to Climate Adaptation resources
  • post article and links to Infrastructure Asset Management resources and research as they relate to Climate Adaption

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