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Annisa Hasanah

Young & Emerging Minds Initiatives Manager
climate adaptation platform team

Annisa earned her Master of Engineering Studies in Transportation Engineering degree from the University of Auckland (UoA), where she explored the practice of road asset management and condition data collection on state highway networks.

Annisa’s interest in researching the world of engineering and climate change started in the last couple of years. With the idea to optimise the life cycles of built infrastructure, Annisa marches on for a PhD degree from UoA.

Her research through MBIE Resilience to Nature’s Challenge focuses on planning horizontal infrastructure resilience using an asset management approach to address climate change risks, improve community resilience, and develop strategies for effective implementation to face the ‘unknown’ future.

Our planet requires adapting to changes, especially in the face of climate change, a theme that has profoundly shifted how we think about our future. Everyone can play a part in communicating on climate change and advocating for solutions.

Annisa, shaped by her passion for engineering and climate change resilience, aims to do so through her research in infrastructure asset management, geospatial approach, investment planning and climate change to understand and plan for infrastructure’s long-term resilience.

Annisa is an emerging professional with experience in local government transport strategies, asset & performance management, road condition data, and engineering. She continues to steer her study and career to become an academic and industry professional.

Her passion and field of interest align closely with the community – which encouraged her to manage the establishment of the Young and Emerging Minds Initiative of CAP – a platform to disseminate valuable and reliable content from and to tertiary education and academic research.

Through this platform, her goal is to communicate the complex problem of resilience and climate adaptation in a simple way to reach a broader audience.

climate adaptation platform leader

Theuns Henning

Team Leader

Dr. Theuns Henning leads the establishment of the Climate Adaptation Platform, formed in response to the challenge of climate adaptation around the world.

climate adaptation platform

Ross Waugh

Co-Team Leader

Ross Waugh co-leads with Theuns in building the Platform, progressing the promotion of climate adaptation and infrastructure resiliency in the Asia-Pacific.

Roger Fairclough - Climate Adaptation Platform profile

Roger Fairclough

Chair of Participants Group

Roger Fairclough is the founder of Neo Leaf Global offering international advice on infrastructure policy and climate adaptation.

climate adaptation platform geospatial climatologist

Claire-Louise Bode

Geospatial Climatologist

Claire-Louise has combined an interest in geospatial sciences and climate to understand and reveal data in visual platforms.

Sandeeka, Climate Adaptation Platform team

Sandeeka Mannakkara

Climate Adaptation Engineer

Dr. Sandeeka Mannakkara shares her Building Back Better knowledge, integrating it with climate change adaptation solutions.

climate adaptation platform team

Annisa Hasanah

Young & Emerging Minds Initiatives Manager

Annisa manages CAP's Young and Emerging Minds Initiative to disseminate content from and to tertiary education and academic research.

climate adaptation platform researcher

Jewel Castillon


Jewel Castillon looks for materials and coordinates with the team in creating the stream of blog posts and articles on climate adaptation and other related topics.


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