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climate adaptation Geospatial Climatologist

Claire-Louise has a combined interest in geospatial sciences and climate to understand and reveal data in visual platforms.

When earning her Master of Science in Applied Geography degree, she used spatial analytics to focus on the spatial distribution of temperature on the high alpine snowpacks within the western USA.

In an environment where huge data flows is hardly exceptional – adopting the tools available such as GIS was helpful for the processing parts of the data.

Currently, Claire-Louise is an Asset Manager with WSP NZ and addresses local authorities in a wide range of services that support all aspects of asset & performance management and development in the transport sector.

Claire-Louise has a keen interest in exploring climate change and climate trend analysis through GIS while keeping an eye on current assets that may be influenced by climatic changes in their life cycles.

The interest in climate changes developed through her years of rowing on different bodies of water and seeing the changes happen rapidly over a few years that were supposedly calculated to happen over decades.

Being on the water daily over the year and seeing the climate variation of the seasons gave insight into just how close to home climate change may be.

Steering her focus into her studies – Undergraduate studies in Climatology coupled with GIS – she has set out on a learning adventure of exploring how the world is changing and allowing others to understand how it may affect them.

The Climate Adaptation Platform Team

climate adaptation platform leader

Theuns Henning

Team Leader

Dr. Theuns Henning leads the establishment of the Climate Adaptation Platform, formed in response to the challenge of climate adaptation around the world.

climate adaptation platform

Ross Waugh

Co-Team Leader

Ross Waugh co-leads with Theuns in building the Platform, progressing the promotion of climate adaptation and infrastructure resiliency in the Asia-Pacific.

Roger Fairclough - Climate Adaptation Platform profile

Roger Fairclough

Chair of Participants Group

Roger Fairclough is the founder of Neo Leaf Global offering international advice on infrastructure policy and climate adaptation.

climate adaptation platform geospatial climatologist

Claire-Louise Bode

Geospatial Climatologist

Claire-Louise has combined an interest in geospatial sciences and climate to understand and reveal data in visual platforms.

Sandeeka, Climate Adaptation Platform team

Sandeeka Mannakkara

Climate Adaptation Engineer

Dr. Sandeeka Mannakkara shares her Building Back Better knowledge, integrating it with climate change adaptation solutions.

climate adaptation platform team

Annisa Hasanah

Young & Emerging Minds Initiatives Manager

Annisa manages CAP's Young and Emerging Minds Initiative to disseminate content from and to tertiary education and academic research.

climate adaptation platform researcher

Jewel Castillon


Jewel Castillon looks for materials and coordinates with the team in creating the stream of blog posts and articles on climate adaptation and other related topics.

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