Pacific Islands to Receive $150m Climate Change Fund from NZ

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New Zealand’s proximity to the Pacific Islands means that it is the first nation to offer support and aid in the event of calamities and disasters.

We read from the news that New Zealand delivers on that promise. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced $150 million in funding to support climate change adaptation needs in the Pacific Islands. She made the speech in Tuvalu during the 18-nation Pacific Islands Forum leaders summit.

The Pacific Island states are identified as the most vulnerable to the hazards due to climate change.

new zealand prime minister
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

The $150 million is from New Zealand’s $300M global commitment to climate change.

The initial funding will be used for climate adaptation strategies, specifically building infrastructures such as water tanks, coastal protection, and climate hazard mapping and risk planning.

Some of it will also be used for food security and improve the island’s capacity to access international climate funds.

This funding is an exciting development as building climate change resilience in the Pacific Islands begins.

To read the entire news, click this link: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces $150m Pacific climate funding.

Through its New Zealand Aid program, New Zealand is committed to supporting developing countries in the Pacific in their climate adaptation programs.

It also offers climate-related support to countries in Africa, the Caribbean and ASEAN in geothermal energy and disaster risk management.

Together with developed countries, New Zealand is committed to raising a total of $100 billion a year by 2020 to support climate change actions in developing countries and, in response to the Paris Agreement, to invest in ‘green’ technologies and reduce low carbon emissions.

For more details on New Zealand’s commitment to climate change, click this link to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Environment and Climate Change page.

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