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Climate Smart Philippines is the flagship program of the Environmental and Climate Change Research Institute (ECCRI). The program consists of researchers providing information and data to the Filipinos from scientific evidence and research to reduce disaster risks, prevent potential damage, improve resilience, and inform climate adaptation measures from natural disasters and climate change effects.

The program also serves as a platform to gather all stakeholders to plan, develop, and implement scientific and evidence-based solutions in all community members’ best interest regardless of sex, culture, and socio-economic status. The program also seeks to address the policy implementation gaps that exist in climate change adaptation strategies.

How is the Climate Smart program different from other disaster risk reduction and climate change-related programs in the Philippines?

An article in the Manila times provides detailed information about the program, and here’s a brief overview:

  • Climate-smart applies a multi-stakeholder participatory mechanism that encourages broad and inclusive collaboration and participation from all members of society – scientific and academic community, government, private and public sectors.
  • Data and information supplied to end-users and stakeholders are science and evidence-based, aimed to reduce vulnerability to climate change effects, and applies to land-zoning and new building of data codes, agriculture and farming practices, strengthening food security, boosting applications of renewable energy, etc
  • The program is people-centered. It ensures that climate actions are gender-sensitive and cater to the most vulnerable – women, agriculture-dependent industries, youth, persons with disabilities, etc.

Climate Smart Philippines aims to gather the best scientific evidence and information available and put them into practical use to build climate resilience and implement climate adaptation strategies to reduce disasters and climate change effects.

To know more about the Climate Smart Philippines, click the link below:

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