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The European Climate Adaptation Platform has published a report that highlights 10 case studies on how Europe is adapting to climate change.adaptation in Europe.

This collection of ten European case studies shows strategies on building resilience from extreme weather and gradually developing events like sea-level rise and rising temperatures, improved adaptation to climate change.

The case studies of climate adaptation on this report is a result of continuous development and implementation of climate change adaptation policies in Europe. The purpose of these case studies is to encourage decisionmakers as they address climate change through the implementation of real climate actions.

Some of the climate adaptation case studies in the report include:

  • New locks in Albert Canal in Flanders, Belgium which allowed water to be pumped back to the canal during low water flow. Installation of screw pumps have two functions – allowing water to be pumped back to the canal which would ensure navigability to commercial ships, and to generate hydroelectricity;
  • Planting trees in Barcelona to counteract increasing temperatures due to climate change and the urban heat island (UHI) effects. Barcelona’s Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity Plan 2020 (BGIBP) seeks to connect various areas of the city with green infrastructure;
  • The Timmendorfer Strand coastal defence strategy in Germany is built to address the risks of storm surge and future sea-level rise. Timmendorfer Strand stands on the Baltic sea, and large parts of the area sit at just 3 meters above sea-levels. Future projections of sea-level rise and its potential damage to infrastructure and tourism industry have led the community and local authority to build an improved coastal flood defence;

To read the entire case study report, click on the link below:

The European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT) is a partnership between the European Commission (DG CLIMA) and the European Environment Agency. Climate-ADAPT aims to support Europe in adapting to climate change.

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