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climate adaptation 100 climate actions ADB report 2021

The Asian Development Bank June 2021 report is a compilation of 100+ projects and programs that address climate change and its impacts on the people and the environment in Asian Cities and the Pacific.

These climate projects are from various sectors:

  • renewable energy,
  • carbon finance and partnership,
  • urban transport and mobility,
  • land use and forestry,
  • smart cities,
  • sustainable and low-carbon communities,
  • climate action plans and inventories,
  • building energy and efficiency,
  • solid waste, and
  • climate resilience.

According to the report, the region’s vulnerability to climate change will threaten to derail the significant economic and social developments it has managed to achieve in the past decades.

The region hosts 20 of the world’s 33 megacities which are projected to increase by 27 by 2030. Still, despite its massive growth, these rapidly growing cities continue to struggle with inadequate essential services, infrastructure gaps, and environmental degradation.

To cope with rapid urbanisation and population growth challenges, several cities have set ambitious climate targets to reduce GHG emissions and strengthen their adaptive capacities.

From fueling cars with corn in the PRC, harnessing solar power in Uzbekistan for the first time, Vanuatu’s hydropower, affordable loans for energy-efficient houses in Mongolia, public transport for Mumbai’s masses, electrifying commutes in Kazakhstan, reforestation in Pakistan, flood forecasting and smart planning in Kolkata, India, overcoming water scarcity in the Solomon Islands, to nature-based solutions to enhance resilience in Viet Nam cities, these climate change actions show how city level-initiative can contribute to reducing GHG emissions, build resilience, and bring other co-benefits.

To see what Asian Cities and the Pacific are doing about climate change, click the report below:

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