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The Spinoff launched a special documentary on climate change and how it will affect New Zealand in the next hundred years.

New Zealand is experiencing rising temperatures which will affect the rainfall pattern in the country. Some regions will experience extreme rainfall that can cause flooding, while some areas will experience prolonged hot days or droughts due to very little rain impacting water supplies.

The video below shows climate change’s effects on various regions in the country and what it can expect in the next 100 years.

The Spinoff also launched an interactive website showing a 5-part documentary series on climate change effects like rising temperatures, changing rainfall patterns, risks of flood impacts various regions of the country, and puts habitats and ecosystems at risk.

  • Part 1 Temperature Rising. Shows historic and projections of temperatures of each region of the country.
  • Part 2 Wet & Dry. Shifts in rainfall patterns have implications for New Zealand’s weather and water supplies.
  • Part 3 Floods. Weather patterns are increasing the risks of floods making it more severe and frequent. See what regions and areas in the country are at high risk of flooding.
  • Part 4 Habitats. The section shows what species in New Zealand are at risk of extinction and facing threats due to climate change.
  • Part 5 Towards Solutions. This section shows the GHG emissions breakdown of New Zealand by various sectors and presents solutions to reducing its carbon emissions.

The documentary uses interactive maps and graphs showing historical data and projections of climate in different regions of the country.

To view the website, click the link below:

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