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The team defines “building back better” as a “holistic concept using post-disaster reconstruction and recovery to improve the community’s physical, social, environments, and economic conditions to create a more resilience community in an effective and efficient way.”

build back better

The Build Back Better website contains a lot of helpful resources on building back better and more resilient structures, a principle that can be used in climate adaptation.

The site provides the tools, concepts, and publications on better building back principles used in New Zealand and other countries such as Japan, Australia, and Sri Lanka after a major disaster.

On the BBB website, you will discover the works and projects of academes and researchers in New Zealand applying the principles and concepts of Building Back Better.

Below are a couple of publications from the BBB site:

  • “Building Back Better in Japan – Lessons from the Indian Ocean Tsunami experience in Sri Lanka” – The paper focuses on the reconstruction and recovery activities done in Sri Lanka after an Indian Ocean Tsunami, one of the worst kinds, hit them in 2004.
  • “Build back better: implementation in Victorian bushfire reconstruction” – The researchers looked into how the community in Victoria focused on immediate restoration and recovery after the Victoria bushfire in 2009 ravaged the area.

Both publications apply the themes and principles of building back better.

You will also find their projects in the Pacific Islands, Christchurch, and Australia.

Please get to know the team of experts behind the projects and publications.

  • Suzanne Wilkinson, professor at the University of Auckland. Suzanne is currently working on several government projects. She is also the Director of the Centre for Disaster Resilience, Recovery and Reconstruction.
  • Sandeeka Mannakkara is a research fellow at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Auckland.
  • Regan Potangaroa is a professor in the School of Architecture at Victoria University in Wellington.
  • Tinu Rose Francis, Behrooz Balaei, Mohamed Elkharboutly, and Shankar Neerah are PhD candidates in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Browse the site to get the available resources by clicking on the button below:

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