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Water Level is Rising in Bangladesh – Where Would 30 Million People Go?

Given that sea level is very likely to rise in large areas of Bangladesh and these areas are inhabited by millions of people, where will these people go? This question opens the video “30 Million” and we would like to invite you to watch the short movie and know the possible answer. Some features about...

Climate Adaptation and Resilience Building in the Pacific

University of Auckland hosts 6th International Conference on Build Resilience

In September, the University of Auckland hosted the 6th International Conference on Build Resilience. The conference brought together researchers, educators and industry practitioners from across the globe to explore resilience as a useful framework for analysis for how society can cope with the threat of natural and human-induced hazards. One of the highlights of the...

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CPATT and University of Auckland Joint Initiative Revealed

An international collaboration between universities on the Climate Adaptation Platform is beginning. CPATT News Fall 2016 edition published about the joint undertaking of the Centre for Pavement and Transport Technology and the University of Auckland, the Climate Adaptation Platform. Read the details of the article by clicking on the images below: Page 3 Page 4...

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