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Private companies in Japan are helping developing countries adapt to the consequences of climate change. Through helping developing countries adapt, they are also opening new business opportunities in these developing countries by leveraging on climate change.

This booklet, Climate Change Adaptation Good Practices by Japanese Private Sector compiles 20 Climate Adaptation Projects done in several developing countries in Asia across all fields and sectors.

Climate adaptation projects illustrated in the booklet include:

  • Resilient Infrastructure against Natural Disasters/Climate monitoring and early warning. For example, Kawasaki Geological Engineering Co., Ltd. has used its technology to examine soil foundation for landslide prevention and creating evacuation/warning systems. The company, in partnership with Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has conducted this project in landslide-prone areas in Vietnam.
  • Sustainable Energy supply. For example, Kyudenko Corporation introduced a resilient hybrid power generation control system against environmental changes in Sumba Island, Indonesia.  Remote islands are highly vulnerable to natural disasters. A hybrid power system from solar, hydroelectric, and diesel power generator can address unstable power supply while providing remote islands with resilient electric systems.
  • Food Security and Strengthening Food Production Base. Ajinomoto has implemented a “Bio-cycle”, a resource-recycling production model in Brazil farms. “A regional co-product, left upon the isolation of amino acid from agricultural produce using resource-saving fermentation technologies, is utilized locally as fertilizer and feed”. Using this technology, farmers can reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, C02 emissions, and waste during the production process.

There are more examples of climate adaptation projects in the booklet under the above categories and under Health and Sanitation, Climate monitory and Early warning, Secure Resources & Sustainable Water Supply, and Climate Change Finance.

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