Climate Adaptation Challenges in India and the Least Developed Countries

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An interesting paper on the Academia website discusses the challenges that India faces in designing and implementing climate adaptation plans. We learned about the writing through an article that the Nature Research Journal published on their website.

Like many least developed countries, India is vulnerable to climate change.  The United Nations Framework Convention Climate Change (UNFCCC) has established the green climate fund, a funding mechanism to help the least developed countries (LDC) like India to set up and support climate adaptation.

There are challenges to accessing the green climate fund, the article says. First, the UNFCCC does not have a standardized procedure for vulnerability assessment, preparation of adaptation plans and estimation of adaption cost.

This lack of standardised process will be a struggle for India and other LDC’s to come up with a compelling proposal required to access the fund, as these countries lack the technical capacity to prepare these proposals.

The article, suggests that the process should be a bottoms-up approach where local communities and government have the skills to do vulnerability assessments and then adaptation planning. But this requires training and capacity building of local and community leaders, the article says.

The LDCs accessing the UNFCCC’s green climate fund for their climate adaptation program will have to spend it on training and capacity building of stakeholders.

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Dhanapal, G. (2014 April). Climate Adaptation in India. Nature Climate Change. Vol 4. Retrieved from

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