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designing infrastructure for climate adaptation
Indian Air Force relief and rescue operation during the Tamil Nadu flood of December 2015

Climate change may change the way cities build and maintain infrastructure. Preparing for climate change and building resilience challenge the traditional methods of building and managing infrastructure. These are the points that the climate adaptation article presented.

As much is still unknown with regards to what hazards, where will it hit first and to what extent, agile and resilient infrastructure are needed to meet the challenges of climate change, the article says.

Infrastructure is always at the forefront and the first line of defence with any hazards and natural events and with the latter increasing in frequency and intensity assumptions used to build existing infrastructure may not work as expected in the years to come.

Assumptions based on historic data would need updating when building or maintaining infrastructure. Building bigger, stronger and more redundancy may not be the best solutions going forward, but innovative and resilient methods could be the answer.

The article discusses climate adaptation factors in designing infrastructure that some cities have done.

Read the full article by clicking on this link: What is climate-ready infrastructure? Some cities are starting to adapt

PHOTO CREDIT: By Indian Air Force – Relief and Rescue Operation, Link

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