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While in Manila, the Climate Adaptation team connected with Asia Pacific Aid Programs Inc. (APAP).

APAP is a Philippines-based international non-profit, offering effective, efficient and transparent aid programs to address Asia Pacific’s top development challenges which include Climate Adaptation.

APAP is planning on holding a Pacific Climate Threat Response Workshop at the University of Auckland on 13 to 15 February 2017.

This workshop, the first we know of its kind, aims to convene senior representatives of Pacific Governments with their international development partners and leading experts in international law, finance, design, and engineering to discuss these issues so we can move directly to concrete actions.

We hope that options will be examined and the most workable ones identified and selected, targets set and responsibilities clarified, and steps laid out to reach those goals.

This time frame must reflect the urgency of the situation, as the seas are rising, and the many Pacific Island States stand no more than a meter or two above the waves.

As members of the Climate Adaptation Platform you will all be invited to attend the workshop, so please save the date.

More information and details for this workshop will be available in the coming month. We will keep you all posted.

SOURCE: The Climate Adaptation Platform Newsletter 22 November 2016 edition

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