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Melting glaciers, stronger hurricanes, increasing temperatures are consequences of climate change that we are now experiencing and what scientists have warned on multiple occasions.

While human beings are learning to live with the changing environment, a study reveals that human beings are not adapting quickly enough.

The study screened more than 48,000 articles using machine learning methods to examine human adaptation to climate change in various parts of the world. The documented climate change adaptations are also very local, performed by an individual, household, and local government.

Examining these adaptations, the researchers find that adaptation happening at a local level exceeds the national level, and rural and urban areas have different adaptation measures and techniques.

Researchers also find that the adaptation efforts of people living in Europe and North America rely on infrastructure and technology. At the same time, in underdeveloped areas in Asia and Africa, they adapt through their culture and behaviour.

 Whether these climate adaptation efforts are effective or will transfer well to other countries, researchers do not know whether these adaptation strategies are sufficient to deal with the increasing vulnerability and risk from climate change.

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