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UN COP 26 Postponed

The pandemic has disrupted countries affected. In the absence of a vaccine, governments ordered lockdowns to prevent the further spread of the dreaded Covid-19 and, at the same time, avoid the clogging and overburden of medical services.

International conferences (and even international sports like the 2020 Olympics) have been postponed.

We have come up with a list of climate change conferences this year that have been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

COP26 UN climate change conference postponed to 2021

UN COP 26 Postponed

COP26 UN climate change conference, the most critical climate change conference, is postponed. It is no longer possible to hold this event because of the coronavirus.

The COP26 is due to occur from October 31 to November 12, 2021.

COP26 is a significant event after the Paris agreement in 2015, where countries came together to do climate negotiations and get back on track to deal with the climate crisis.

The confirmed 26,000 attendees will have to reset their attendance to the new schedule next year.

President-Designate and Secretary for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy Alok Sharma said that “the world is currently facing an unprecedented global challenge and countries are rightly focusing their efforts on saving lives and fighting COVID-19. That is why we have decided to reschedule COP26.”

UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa said: “COVID-19” is the most urgent threat facing humanity today, but we cannot forget that climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity over the long term.” She added that the countries need to boost climate ambitions in line with the Paris Agreement significantly.

Other postponed climate conferences because of the COVID-19 are as follows:

For more information and to know more about the rescheduled dates of the conferences and seminars below, please click on the link we provided.

These international climate change conferences are still on the calendar as of writing

We took note of conferences that are still ongoing as of posting this blog. Do watch out for developments by clicking on the link to the specific event cited.

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