Climate Change is Affecting Lives in Oceania

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Climate change has been affecting the low-lying island states in Oceania.

While the rest of the world wakes up to the climate emergency, people in Oceania have been living it for decades (“In low-lying nations,” 3 October 2019).

Tonga, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Fiji are low-lying island nations most at risk of extreme weather events. Many have already died from climate-related extremes, the report says.

Urgent action is needed, says Julianne Hickey of Caritas Oceania. Otherwise, malnutrition, climate migration, injury, and death will continue to increase in these low-lying regions.

Hickey adds that climate change funding is not reaching those who need it most, and these small islands are at the forefront of climate change with no significant protective infrastructure in the way of extreme weather events.

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