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Climate Now is a multimedia resource that provides expert-driven insights and explanations of key ideas related to climate science, the energy transition, and climate policy.

Climate Now initiative is geared towards policymakers, investors, business leaders, the media and anyone who wants a deeper understanding of our climate and energy system.

Much of the focus surrounding climate action is on mitigation: how do we reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and avoid catastrophic climate change in the coming decades?

The reality is the climate is already changing – and will continue to change even under the most optimistic mitigation scenarios. So, are we adapting and preparing for these changes?

Climate Now uses videos, podcasts, and live events to explain critical scientific ideas, technologies, and policies relevant to the global climate crises.

The website discusses various topics, from air pollution, alternative energy, carbon capture, carbon dioxide removal, climate adaption, climate finance, environmental justice, nuclear fusion, nuclear power, policy, remote sensing, renewable energy, and many more.

Listen to this podcast episode, “Adaptation in North America: What’s happening and what needs to happen”, featuring Beth Gibbons, Executive Director of the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP).

Beth discusses how North American cities adapt to a changing climate and what still needs to happen to ensure people and places are protected.

To listen to more multimedia resources on climate change adaptation, CLICK on this link ⇨ CLIMATE NOW

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