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Climate change is real, affecting New Zealand’s energy production, infrastructure, agriculture, health, coastal ecosystems, water resources, and biodiversity. There is a pressing need to respond to these risks through climate policies, plans and strategies, and funding into the future. 

Engineering New Zealand is challenging engineers in New Zealand Aotearoa to act now – to be bold, creative in mitigating and adapting to climate change for a reimagined and resilient future. It highlights the role of engineers in transitioning our relationship with the environment and how the profession can ‘engineer’ a better life for our family, community, and society.

Please read Engineering New Zealand’s position on climate change.

Engineering New Zealand is launching the Engineering Climate Action “to support engineers to take a positive action to address climate change through mitigation, transition, and adaptation.”

Two of the programmer’s workstreams: Engineering Practice and Thought Leadership and Advocacy, will drive the program and its activities to support the profession.

“Engineering Practice will deliver resources to inform and guide members. This includes guidance for you to have conversations with clients about climate change, as well as opportunities to discuss common issues, collaborate, and share best-practice. Thought Leadership and Advocacy are about how and where we advocate for policies that enable engineering professionals to respond to climate change” (Now is the Time, 2021).

The programme offers the following resources to help engineers get started:

  • Climate Change 101 – An introductory guide that describes what climate change is, factors contributing to it, and definitions of key concepts.
  • Practice guidance for engineers sets out the basic responsibilities of engineers in responding to climate change.
  • Measure and manage your carbon footprint – a guide for businesses on how to do that.
  • Climate Action Engineers Directory – a valuable expertise directory for engineers as well as an invitation for those with expertise to sign up.

Learn more about the Engineering Climate Action programme by clicking on the button below:

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