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The climate is changing, and sea levels are rising. Extreme events like storms, droughts, wildfires, intense heat are affecting more people. Better water resources management will reduce climate change risks and adapt to its impacts.

The IPCC assessment report released on August 2021 is clear on how global warming will intensify the global world cycle and its variability, including monsoon rains and the intensity of wet and dry events.

It seems that the world is moving to experience more water-related disasters and more pressure on water and food resources as climate change worsens. Through better water management, we can mitigate these water-related problems. The world needs to focus on water to address the climate crisis effectively.

COP26 organisers conducted the “Water Pavilion at COP26” as the window of opportunity to act on climate change is rapidly closing.

Hosted by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and many partners, organisers of the event will use digital platforms and tools to optimise virtual interactions between the COP 26 venue in Glasgow and different locations around the world, and include events such:

  • High-level dialogues, expert/practitioner/innovator panel discussions;
  • Bilateral side meetings (in-person only;
  • Capacity-building and strategy workshops;
  • Networking events, including events for students and young professionals.

These events aim to showcase the role of water in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement and support ambitious and science-based global climate action.

Programming at the Water and Climate Pavilion targets government leaders, intergovernmental/multilateral representatives, civil society, and private sector stakeholders attending the COP26.

Watch the Water and Climate Pavilion Event at COP26 video below.

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