Water Level is Rising in Bangladesh – Where Would 30 Million People Go?

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Given that the sea level is likely to rise in large areas of Bangladesh and these areas are inhabited by millions of people, where will these people go?

This question opens the video “30 Million“, and we would like to invite you to watch the short movie and know the possible answer.

Some features about the Republic of Bangladesh and how her 160 million population live are outlined.

Learn why climate change will adversely affect the country and the world. Similar impacts can be expected for many low-lying coastal areas around the world.

The video shows scientific explanations for why sea levels are rising. How fast is it rising?

Concerned countries, through the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), are working together to study and report on the changing climate and its political and economic impacts.

So, how does climate change impact Bangladesh?

The movie describes the new dimension that global ocean levels are causing the country’s coastal zones. As you watch, you will understand the wide-ranging implications for populations, resilience, and infrastructure requirements.

Listen to Bangladesh’s climate change scientists and authorities explain the negative consequences of seawater intrusion and the glacial melting in the Himalayas.

Why would there be 30 million people that will be displaced in Bangladesh?

Where would they go?

How will Dhaka and other cities of Bangladesh cope with the influx of people and crowding in terms of residential and utilities infrastructure management?

The United Nations Development Programme has several programs to protect the coastal zones and help the coastal communities of Bangladesh cope with climate change. These programs are explained in the movie and provoke thought about the type and scale of response required.

Please watch the video now!

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