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Together with other New Zealand science programs, the Deep South Challenge offers three webinars on growing kai (Maori word for “food”). The webinars will culminate in a face-to-face symposium event at Te Papa, Wellington.

  • Webinar 1, 11 May: Drought and the changing climate: What does the future look like for farmers and growers?
  • Webinar 2, 18 May: Drought and the changing climate: Farm profits and community resilience
  • Webinar 3, 25 May: Drought and the changing climate: What to grow and where?

Symposium, 31 May: Growing Kai Under Increasing Dry.

The face-to-face symposium help in the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington will provide opportunities to generate evidence-based conversation around future drought policy.

Registration for all webinars and face-to-face symposium is FREE, but the symposium has limited seats, and registration is a must.  Organizers are also requesting to please only register if you intend to come.

For more information and to register, please click the link below:

The webinars are now available to view on YouTube:

About The Deep South

The Deep South is one of the 11 National Science Challenges established in 2014 as a core part of the New Zealand government’s investment in science for over ten years.  These challenges represent a new funding research method with five key principles: mission-led, science quality, best-research team collaboration, stakeholder engagement & public participation, and Māori involvement and mātauranga.

The Deep South mission is: Changing with our climate is to anticipate, adapt, manage risk, and thrive in a changing climate, and support New Zealanders to achieve this goal.

To achieve its mission, The Deep South uses research as a tool to understand the role of the Antarctic and the Southern Ocean in determining New Zealand’s present and future climate.

It must also work with scientists, industries, all level of governments, private sectors, infrastructure managers and specialists, and communities to ensure that their research is useful and usable, integrated into planning and decision-making, and can help inform climate adaptation measures and climate change response in New Zealand.

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