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The RE:TV is a part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative – a project of Prince Charles and the World Economic Forum.

It aims to encourage businesses and industries to be more eco-friendly and greener and placing sustainability at the heart of every business model, analysis, decision, and actions to save the planet from climate change.

“RE:TV will showcase inspiring stories of innovation and ingenuity from all over the world that will help create a circular bio-economy. Films and articles, curated by the editor-in-chief, HRH The Prince of Wales, will be added weekly, allowing viewers to explore inspiration content and global solutions.”

Watch HRH Prince Charles makes his passionate case for sustainability to address climate change in RE:TV’s video, “The Time to Act is Now.”

Sustainability is a new approach and model for sustainable markets and businesses where nature is at the centre of the whole process and “what profit we make we have to also make a profit for nature by putting something back,” he says.

Conducting and designing a business that works to protect nature can benefit both the company, environment and consumers. Sustainability projects apply a circular bio-economy concept where waste is considered a resource rather than a problem.

For instance, use of recycled plastic to make plastic roads, and use of biowastes -such as food, animal, human, and green waste for bioenergy are examples of turning waste into a valued resource. Applying a circular economy addresses not only our vast waste problem but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions that can mitigate climate change.

RE:TV features stories in a video format of innovative and sustainable projects and businesses grouped under five categories:

  • RE: Imagine, a vision of the future
  • RE: Balance, shifting to a circular economy
  • RE: Energize, getting to Net Zero
  • RE: Invigorate, Harnessing Global Innovation, and
  • RE: Invest – Encouraging sustainable investment.

Watch these inspiring examples of innovation and sustainability by clicking on the button below:

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