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There is no shortage of information, reports, and studies about climate change, its effects and how to adapt or mitigate its consequences.

But which ones are the most critical and how we should use the information and knowledge to increase our preparation for climate change are the questions that we should be asking.

The paper, “Actionable knowledge and the art of engagement,” highlights a new approach in which researchers and knowledge-users meaningfully interact to co-create knowledge that is actionable in decision-making.”  

The paper says that in the past, knowledge and information is passed in a linear and unidirectional fashion from researchers straight to policymakers, and sometimes the jargon used in the study can cause confusion among policymakers and hinder understanding of what works, the study says.

However, with a new approach of co-production wherein both researchers and policymakers can interact meaningfully, knowledge and information produced can effectively drive climate actions and sustainability.

The paper discussed how co-production works in actual practise and how engaged research can be used to address today’s problem for example, how policymakers and stakeholders can use climate information and data to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change.

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